Tiramisu Dreams

Deluxe Pastry & Dessert Services.

We are a dessert services brand with strong roots in French pastry.


From the Chef.

While our roots are indeed French, our flavour profile draws inspiration from all over the world – from Nigeria and Africa to the Middle East, North to South-America, mainland Europe to the Mediterranean, Asia to the Pacific.

We enjoy seeing how these varied regions have influenced one another’s cuisine over the centuries, and love to experiment with those flavours, to the delight of our clients.


Tiramisu Dreams

We utilize our knowledge and experience in both traditional and modern French techniques, to create desserts that are delightful and unique in both flavour and presentation.

Our Values & Goals.

We pride ourselves on our use of the best ingredients to create our desserts because we believe that excellent ingredients must accompany excellent technique.


Our goal is to awaken the Nigerian audience to the vast range of possibilities that lie in the pastry and dessert world, as they interact with our products and services.


From Dessert menu consulting to Dessert catering & production training for cafes, restaurants and private individuals.


Dessert Menu Consulting.

We provide dessert menu consulting for start-up restaurants, cafés and existing establishments that want desserts offerings that stand out and take their offerings up several notches.


Dessert Catering.

 Our selection of tarts, cream puffs, dessert cups and entremets centrepieces are certain to delight your guests and make any occasion more memorable.


Trainings & Workshops.

We offer private home lessons for individuals and small groups who want to learn French pastry and dessert techniques without having to go all the way to France.


Photos from our most recent culinary activities.

White chocolate, mango and Passionfruit millefeuille for AFP
Lemon and thyme ice cream sandwich for Hélène’s
Mango mousse with mango leather for Hélène’s
Passionfruit mousse for Amazonia restaurant

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